Women Who Date Younger Men – How to Find Them

Cougar dating (older women who date younger men) has recently exploded in popularity. This article gives you a step-by-step plan to find local cougars in your area.The first step is to join a conventional adult dating community. Choose whichever one you like. Just ensure you pick one of the hugely popular ones. These sites are better than the niche “cougar dating” sites. You can join a regular dating service for free or for very little if you “do” have to pay.The second step is your profile. Write on your profile that you wish to date older women. This becomes very important when we get to our third step.The third and final step (yes, we are finished already) is to do a simple search for older women and begin sending friend requests. The big adult dating services are a lot like MySpace in terms of browsing for people. You can search based on “age” and “location.” The only difference here is that all of the women here want an adult date.Send as many friend requests as you like. Pretty soon they will begin to get accepted. You will soon see your list of “cougar friends” rise and rise. In very little time at all you could have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of older females on your list of friends.This is how you can easily find women who date younger men in your area. With enough such friends, it should be very easy to find yourself a date with one, two, three, or maybe a whole lot more!